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Distinet Murcia, develops a comprehensive control based on respect for the balance of ecosystems using chemicals on our farms meeting the demands of society, economy culture and environmental protection.


We have the latest technology in machinery for the handling and packaging of our products, offering our customers a presentation in different formats, hygienic and facilitate its marketing and transportation.


Respect different transport protocols and storage of our products from our farms to the various sales positions, both nationally and internationally.


Therefore, we have a number of certifications that support our daily work.

Integrated production

In Distinet use of chemicals in response to the demands of society, the profitability of farming and environmental protection, integrated management techniques or seek Integrated Production decreased use of chemicals that allow us to obtain agricultural production high quality. One of our main interests are the methods of combating pests respect to the environment and allow us to reduce the use of chemicals. 


We enter into a greater respect for the balance of ecosystems, reducing pollution in the air, water and soil, allowing agricultural products have the least amount of undesirable chemical residues.


Optimize, advantage, and we leverage the resources and mechanisms of natural production and ensure long-term sustainable agriculture, introducing her biological and chemical control methods and other techniques.

IFS Protocol
The protocol IFS (International Food Standard) is a set of food safety requirements developed by the German and French retail distribution distribution (wholesalers and retailers) and accepted by, binding on all suppliers of private labels Dutch and Italian distribution. It is therefore a private protocol required by customers (distribution).
IFS includes all applicable to suppliers requirements and conforms to international requirements (GFSI), providing a clear view of the concepts of food safety and quality control through full to suppliers assessments, in which it provides an complete picture of the activity of the same. 
BRC does not recognize protocols and is specific to the food industry, being applicable only to manufacturing companies or packaging of food products. For companies engaged only in transportation, storage and distribution have been developed IFS Logistics requirements, more focused on these activities.



After conducting an evaluation using the checklist and meeting all the requirements of the standards, we received certification GLOBAL G.A.P. for Integrated Farm Asesoriamiento, valid for the scope and corresponding version.


BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety


It is one of the most widespread models internationally to distributors and large retail outlets to its suppliers of branded product.Global food security protocol aims to ensure that suppliers meet certain requirements to ensure the safety of their food.The food businesses must have the necessary systems to identify and control hazards that may adversely affect the safety of food through a system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and with the commitment of the team company executive.

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